“Angels are different, and there should be such little home angels for sure,” says puppeteer Yana Taranenko. Her unusual boudoir dolls are filled with tenderness and calmness.

Yana created her first dolls in 2011 when being inspired from an exhibition of handmade works. The first dolls were textile Tildas. The latest creations by Yana have only torso sewn of textile, but the little face, arms and legs of the little girls are skillfully modelled of plastic.

“It is almost impossible to predict what final result would be, especially in cases with plastic. As all is sculpted by hand without molds, the dolls come out different,” says the author. “I never draw sketches and trust my dolls, listen to them and try to please. Sometimes I choose fabric color for half a day. Even hair color at the end rarely matches the expectations at the beginning. One little girl takes me three to four days of continuous work.” Let us admire these charming creatures of the talented needlewoman.

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