Once a year, Sydney gets decked out in beautiful lights and light-art installations as a part of the Vivid Sydney event.

There’s a lot going on at the event, but the most visually impressive part of the festival is probably the light show. Talented artists and producers gather to create stunning public light art installations all over the city. Even the iconic Sydney Opera House gets decked out in bright lights.

Some of the installations are simply lit-up structures, but others feature various technical innovations that put them over the top. One installation turns a building’s face into a canvas, allowing members of the public to illuminate its face with their own art, while others have been created to closely match the illuminated building’s surface and make it seem as though it has a totally different composition or surface texture.

Besides the light show, the festival also features shows by international musicians, idea exchange forum events and public talks and debates with thinkers and doers who gather for the festival.

If you’ve been thinking about visiting Sydney, now’s a good time to do it – the festival runs from May 23rd until June 9th.

Source: vividsydney.com (h/t: thisiscolossal)