Fiona Tang, a talented artist from Vancouver, has created an awesome series of dark creatures that, despite their grim and ethereal composition, nonetheless seem ready to leap off of the page at you.

Tang, who is a student at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, achieves this effect in part by drawing her beasts on large pieces of paper, which allows her to make most of them life-sized (except the whales, of course). And it helps that her artistic training gives her a great sense of perspective.

I love sketching, to the point where I will catch myself looking at my surrounding as sketches,” says Tang, who uses charcoal, chalk pastels, acrylic paint, conte and ink in her drawings. “Art is not only my passion, but also my outlet and therapy; it always manages to cheer me up.

Source: Tumblr (via: MyModernMet)