“WOOF everyone! My name is Max, the golden and I looove walkies with ma huuumans! We try to post the most positive and happy furry photos of me and my mum to enlighten your day WOOF! If you want to see more cuteness, WOOF, scroll down!”

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“Get that shot and let me sleep hhuuuman!WOOF! I am full!”

“Back in time we were pretty tough group of bandits with my bros! What you say? WOOF!..More ham pls huuuman!”

Frozen land

“Oh dear…you give me ma toy? How sweet of you! WOOF!”

“PEEK A BOO! WE GOT YOU huuuman! Now life or the treats?👌🤠🐾WOOF!”

“The puppy eyes after you got hit by snowball and judging stare is the best to get cuddles!WOOF!…thats the spot huuuman!WOOF! WOOF!” 🎄🐧

“Come on huuuman I’ll show you the way!WOOF!”😍🐕🌏


“Chillin’ in the sun. Hows your evening guuuys? WOOF! Send you fluffy love!”😍🐕🐾

“Hey guys! How you doin’? What do you say on my selfie? 👌WOOF!”…That moment when your dog takes better selfie than you. 😮😍

“Hey huuman! You upside down, dummy! WOOF! Lets enjoy new week with a proper belly rub! I LOOOVE IT!😍WOOF”🙈🤣🐕

“WOOOOF! How you doin’? 😊 Do you have such a lovely rainy weather too? I love rain! I can roll in the mud! Lay in the puddles! Just ma huuman seems sad about that so I try to jump on her so she smiles more! WOOF!” Wet dog=happy dog😉😍 WOOF!

“I’m dreeeeeamiiiiing of a whiiiiite Christmaaaas! WOOF! Just like the ones I used to knooow! WOOF! Where the treats hang on the treee and huuumaaan listennn!WOOF!”

“Winter wonderland….oh thats beauty!WOOF! Have a great week my furry friends!WOOF!”🎄🎁

“I wish you Merry Furry Christmas to aaaall of you my friends! Wish you a lot of presents full of treats and squeky toys!WOOF! Love y’all…🎁🎄😍 oh…and as you can see the Xmas tree is less scary. Its kind of boring now WOOF! Hope next year tree decorated with treats!😍 WOOF”

“WOOF!Hope you are enjoying holidays so far my furry friends! WOOF! I wish we would have more snow and you? Share with me some of your Christmas photos with #lifewithmydoggie 😊”