I am a huge fan of the space industry like space travel, space research, and especially of the moon landing. Because of the 50th anniversary, I recreated some famous images with LEGO figurines. With this photo series, I wanted to make a tribute to all of the people who participated in this incredible project. I did a lot of research on the moon landing because I wanted to recreate this historical journey as exact as I can.

Basically, I don’t use photo manipulation. I make indoor scenes or chose suitable places for my LEGO photography (for example – a park). I squirt water or blow smoke if it’s necessary. The natural effects (like smoke or dust) are very complicated to make because you cannot calculate what will happen. I spent many hours with each of these pictures.

Everyone loves secrets, the reality behind the pictures. I like behind the scenes photos and videos as well. So, I’m gonna show you some tricks and surprising photos from the world of LEGO photography. After the final pictures, you can see how the photo series and the miniature worlds in them were made. You will get to see work photos and a video with a little description. In some cases, I can’t avoid the post-production manipulations but in this case, I always indicate which part/parts have Photoshop effects on the image.

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Saturn V liftoff

CSM+LM (Command+Service Module and Lunar Module) on Moon orbit


“Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed!”

Buzz Aldrin comes out from The Lunar Module

Deploying the flag


After the Apollo 11 pictures, I made some fictional ones with other sets

A calm night at the space station

For the massive smoke effect, I used cotton wool balls. I have worked on the launch tower every night for a week

I actually made craters in the gypsum surface

I had to a bit give up from my “no manipulation” principal. For the perfect scale, I had to duplicate the pic of my crafted moon surface

I also made another pic about a LEGO Endor planet, what I used as Earth.

The lens flare is also a real, optical phenomenon

I also used the classical cross marks on the image

The engine blaster and Sun are post-process, but everything else is real

I used greenscreen not for masking but for a universal background that I could turn into an orange tone.

The clouds, Moon and light sources of the vehicles are post-process, but the building lights, smoke and everything else is real

Look behind the scenes! Video about the whole workflow