Larung Gar in western Sichuan province in China is the biggest buddhist institue (school) anywhere in the world.
It takes 3 days of rough traveling to get there.
Theres nothing like it anywhere in the world.

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overview of Larung Gar from one of the hills surrounding the place


pretty crowded,

main monasterys

the main road thats goes to the main monasterys

housing units

houseing units during night


How do you find your house?

heading home

two monks heading home after a long day


some Tibetan nomads, prays outside one of the tempels,

more overview

More housing units overview

young girl

a young tibetan nomad,


the father of the young girl

brothers in arms

two tibetan brothers

a local tibetan girl

a local tibetan girl

heading to class

tibetan monks heading to class early in the morning