“..without the sun flowers will not bloom, without woman there is no love and without Mothers there are neither poets nor heroes “. That is what Maxim Gorky wrote to honor women and mothers.

To understand more about a woman or a mother, maybe these photos will help us to partially understand more about the role of women in general and the motherhood of the mothers in particular. They have to experience 9 months and 10 days of heavy carrying in their pregnancy and then the difficult and dangerous moments of in labour times to give birth to the new generations to continue the life in this earth.

There is no word enough to say about this noble role of the mother but everyone must understand the simple thing that “MOTHER is everything.”

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After 9 months and 10 days of heavy carrying and the difficult moments of beginning labour with much pain to welcome the loved baby and sometimes she has to be near to the dangerous

The photos are about the love of the mothers to be and the mothers to their children since the babies are still in their wombs until they are welcome to this life

In this time, the mother has to experience the hard journey as set by the Creator to wait for the baby and then it is still a long journey to go as a mother in her whole life

The characters in these photos are my wife and my daughter

In 40 weeks of pregnant time, my wife took care of the baby herself and followed a healthy life and equipped her with many additional knowledge by reading books

listening to music according to early childhood education method to teach our baby since the baby was still in her womb with the happy spirit to wait for the baby with the best physical conditions

That first cry awaited by those present in the delivery room is seemingly a present for such longings for deliverance from the intangible heaviness of plodding instants

I fully understand the value of the women when they are mothers and I want to do this project to send a message that all women are always beautiful, especially they are more beautiful when they are pregnant

I would like also to send another message to all men and the children with mother that the life will be more beautiful when we have our mothers because they carry the most notable vocation

A child’s future is a mother’s works

And.. month after