Difficulty: Very easy

Time: 1 hour

Today I will tell you how to make such nice knitted pumpkins for home decor. This will take you just half an hour. Or more if you’ve begun this craft recently!

You need: yarn, two knitting needles, needle with a large eye, batting and dry, grape vine.

More info: livemaster.com

Pick 40 loops for a pumpkin with a diameter of 7-8 cm (the size also depends on the thickness of yarn)

Knit front — for front loops, and back — for back loops. Knit 18 rows

Leave 20-30 cm of the thread and cut it off, needle it and collect the loops from the knitting needle on the needle with a largae eye. Tighten all loops as much as you can and begin to sew the side seam. Fasten the thread

Fill the pumpkin with batting

Now tighten the edge

Fix the thread, begin to make edges

Here’s what comes out. Insert tendrils from the vine in the center, a part of the stem and glue all with a hot gun

Admire our knitted pumpkin, oooh, it wants to be cuddled! I used it to make photos of a cookbook