A couple of months ago, after the release of Drake’s new song ‘In my feelings’, a new challenge called ‘Kiki challenge’ flooded the internet. It seems that people can’t get enough of what-could-go-wrong challenges, so it’s not surprising that now everyone is jumping out of their moving cars and dancing to the beat of Drake’s new hit song.

The challenge was started by social media star Shiggy, who interpreted the lyrics “are you riding’ by pretending to steer a car. However, as people began making their own videos, they made some changes and began to actually perform this challenge by jumping from their moving cars.

Police began warning people against doing the challenge, after a couple of people got hurt. But then two Indian farmers rose to fame. They have won everyone’s hearts with their creative and probably the safest take on Kiki challenge. People began calling it the best one yet and crowning them as the winners of the Kiki challenge. Scroll below to see the video for yourself!

The challenge was started by social media star Shiggy and Drake personally thanked him for it

Celebrities like Will Smith participated in the challenge

Also, pilots

And even grandmothers

But two Indian farmers impressed everyone the most and some even crowned them as the winners of the Kiki challenge

Here’s how people reacted