So Kanye West is well and truly back on Twitter, dishing out sage philosophical and motivational ramblings, as well as dropping teasers for his latest albums and forays into the world of fashion.

It appears to be creative season for Kanye, with footwear designs of all kinds on the way. And while the sneakers seem to be of a fairly standard variety, some other designs, his ‘Yeezy Slides’ in particular, make you wonder if he’s not just trolling us all.

Resembling a pair of complimentary slippers that you might get at your local pool or fitness club, the Yeezy Slides have provoked a wave of mockery and hilarious memes since the first images were released. From Crocs and Lego pieces to gummy sharks, people just can’t decide what the chunky blue sandals most remind them of. One response stood out above the rest however. Coming from a Twitter user named Cripple_God, this burn was so searing that no amount of aloe could soothe it. They say no publicity is bad publicity but damn son, that was simply brutal!

Kanye will no doubt have the last laugh however, people will buy these dollar-bargain-bin monstrosities for hundreds of bucks, and he will marvel at our capacity to buy any old crap that has a cool tag on it. Scroll down to check them out for yourself, as well as Cripple_God’s epic putdown, and let us know what you think in the comments. Would you buy a pair? What about the other prototypes? Join the discussion!

Kanye West has just graced the world with a new shoe collection and here’s the first one we saw

Instantly, people started commenting on the bizarre slides

But nothing compared to what this guy said

Image credits: cripple_god

Other people were not fond of the shoes either

If you thought the slides were all, you should see other shoes from the collection