Even though the Japanese are dealing with a severe force of nature and are the rescue efforts are ongoing constantly during the typhoon Hagibis, not everyone is taking the situation completely serious. Some people are out on the streets despite the worst storm in 60 years and are doing the quirkiest things possible to find the silver lining in this miserable situation. This could come as no surprise, as Japan is quite known for all things quirky all over the world but despite that, the positive approach to the storm is quite hilarious, so take a look at this list of badassery!


"Seriously, there was a fierce guy who was doing muscle training with a fixed point camera at Shibuya Scramble Intersection?!"

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Ma Jonalyn Montero 1 month ago

Come hell or high water! LOL XD




Ma Jonalyn Montero 1 month ago

What are they doing??

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"In a typhoon once every decade I tried to express HOT LIMIT with Ota."

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Ana Arena 1 month ago

These must be an inside joke in Japan, because I dont get It (but its so cool)

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"A guy swinging in the park"

ASMR_fukkun Report


"Until the typhoon passes

Watch my TM Revolution

Be patient to go outside

It ’s an appointment with your brother"

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"Musashikosugi station is flooded ...

Some people are playing with a float ...

Be careful"

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"[Current state of Akihabara]

Akihabara is very rainy and windy.

Please be careful not to become a neighbor, pedestrian or maid."

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"Don't imitate a good girl."

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