This time it's Japan, of course, and he is a man. I took some liberty in my decision since there were not too many comments. So next time, be a bit more active to get what you want ; ) Japan is a silent guy, with a suspicious smile. Likes technologies and perversions. Has some strange relationships with other countries, especially the neighbours. Ah, that sweet-sweet China... No one ever truly knows his real motives and desires (or how many "true" superforms he has), and he never answers anyway. But one thing is certain- even if he kills you, he will be extremely polite about it. Even though he likes technology, he has a real body, and the hi-tech armor is mere augmentation to his abilities and skills. He can be classified as a close-quarters fighter, but prefers speed and agility over heavy armor. He uses a spear and a tail (or tentacle?) to hold his opponents at some distance (but really, I am just sick of seeing katanas everywhere). For long range, he uses exploding spheres.


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