Magical memories are born at Disney World for millions of families, but it’s not just the beautiful over-the-top decorations and Disney characters that do it – everyone from the man in the goofy costume to the unassuming janitor can get involved.

Disney World janitors like reddit user TheVantasy often learn to draw Disney characters using water as passing families look on in wonder. TheVantasy shared some of her work through imgur and answered people’s questions about the practice.

She claims that she was first taught as “a joke,” but that her proficiency quickly grew. “I can do Mickey and Donald in just a few seconds. Things like Simba, however, took a few minutes.” The magic created by her and other janitors like her was shared by both visitors and janitors alike; “at first I was doing it because it was more fun than, y’know, cleaning, but then I realized how much guests really liked it. I cried on my last day working because I drew Minnie Mouse for a little girl who hugged me to say thank you because she didn’t speak English.”

TheVantasy also shared some details about the underground world of janitorial water artists; “Some of us had ‘signature characters’ that the other custodians wouldn’t do. I was the only person who did Simba, Bambi, sitting Stitch, Lady, Scar, and Patch from 101 Dalmations.”

Source: Reddit | Imgur

As a janitor at Disney World, I drew characters with water and a broom on the sidewalk to entertain guests. Unfortunately, all of these images are from my first few weeks when I still hadn’t perfected the technique. Here’s a Goofy. Along with Minnie Mouse, he was probably the most requested character from the guests.

The beginning of Stitch. He was another frequently requested character, so I had to learn how to draw him pretty fast! Eventually, I learned to draw almost everything upside-down so guests didn’t have to stare at my butt while I drew!

Sometimes for fun, we would go up against each other in “drawing battles” and let the audience decide who wins. This guy was way better than me! Look at that three quarter side profile Goofy! That is some next level stuff.

Simba was one of my favorites to draw.

Sometimes I’d practice after the park closed so there was more room and I could try new characters.

Mike Wazowski! This was done by a friend. Some of us had “signature characters” that the other custodians wouldn’t do. Mike was one of his.

Here’s a video of the talented janitor in action: