My name is Noam Chen, I’m a landscape photographer and have been traveling the world for most of my adult life.

For me photography began as a hobby that quickly became a passion. When I realized it was the only thing I really loved to do, I decided to become a professional.

Working as a professional photographer isn’t always easy, and I’m thankful for having been able to turn my passion into a career. But it wouldn’t have happened had I listened to the voices telling me that photography is not a real job, or if I lacked courage to do only what makes me happy. I hate seeing so many people around me unhappy with what they do, unhappy with their life. So I’m always trying to encourage everyone to believe, to follow their hearts, to work hard and fulfill their dreams. It always pays off.

That’s what I did, and as we entered 2017 I celebrated the 10th year anniversary since I became a professional photographer. To mark this special milestone, I chose this platform to share my work, my views and use my experience to hopefully inspire some of you.

During this past decade I’ve traveled extensively across Europe, and documented some of the most spectacular places on earth. I love how Europe has almost everything to offer: Incredible nature, rich and complex history and cultures, numerous castles and palaces, great food and so much more.

I’ve collected 20 of my photographs to show you all just how stunning and diverse this continent is. They will surely make you want to pack your bags this summer and go on a Euro trip!


More info:

Some of the world’s most colorful places, like the Island of Burano, Italy

Amazing lake-side castles, like this one in Chillon, Switzerland

Scenic Medieval villages such as little Rupit, Spain

Picturesque towns looking like a postcard, such as Colmar, France

More castles out of a fairytale, like the Hohenzollern Castle in Germany

Stunning landscapes to hike through and turquoise lakes to rest by, as seen here in Austria

Enjoy an apple strudel at an altitude of 2000m (6560ft) with panoramic views of the Austrian Alps

Unbelievably colorful and tiny villages by the ocean at Cinque Terre, Italy

Renaissance Castle embedded in a cave at Predjama, Slovenia

Unique sites from WWII like this massive bunker, part of the Maginot Line in France

Take a cable car (or a few) to get a bird’s-eye view from above the clouds

Unusual sights like this one, proving there’s more to Paris than the Eiffel Tower…

Picture-perfect restaurants to enjoy a coffee or a meal at, like this one in Alsace, France

Amazing architecture, art and rich history in Rome, Italy

Heaven for cheese lovers! After all, famous cheeses like Gouda, Gruyere, and Parmesan all originate from Europe

Get up close with nature and feel on top of the world, while admiring the majestic Alps

Numerous palaces to visit and witness age-old rituals like changing of the guards, as in London’s Buckingham Palace, England

See the differences in architectural periods as evident in Transylvania, Romania

The world’s second largest synagogue (and the largest in Europe) in Budapest, Hungary

Clear your mind while watching soothing sunsets like here in Lake Geneva, Switzerland