So one day I found this little booth at a shopping centre that sell accessories but with various charms dangling on it such as Princess Ariel, Donald Duck, Teddy Bear, etc. Of course I was like “Gosh! I need it all!!” Then suddenly a wild thought came to my mind “Why don’t I make it by myself?!”

I came home with excitement and start searching on internet. That was the first time I found polymer clay in 2016.

Polymer clay is a type of hardenable modeling clay based on the polymer polyvinyl chloride (wikipedia). What do we need to make it hard and ready to use?

An oven.

Yessss thing that you use to bake a cake! 

Polymer clay is not a common thing you can find here in my country, Indonesia. I need to search more about it and finally found it online.

So, once I finally have the materials, I started to make an experiment!

My inspiration came from many existed characters for example Disney, Studio Ghibli, Sanrio, San-X. And as time goes by, I finally realized that inspiration comes from every little thing in life: food, scenery, animals, family, and everything else including all the crafters I met on social media!!

I just need to sit in my desk with polymer clay, and once I finished, just insert some findings and poof!! they turn into any kind of accessories I want: keychain, bracelet, necklace, pin, ring, or even a magnet. Also I realized everything can turn into a cute thing if we add a face!! (Even a straw or a bone could be called cute too if it has face on it) That’s why, most of my creations has a face on it!

Don’t forget to appreciate little things in our life!

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Pastel Rilakkuma Cupcake

Four Little Pusheen

Happy Halloween!

Baby Sloth

Little Totoro (front look)

He carries something at his back!

Floating Pusheen!


Pastel acron and little stars

Some Disney Charms I Made Back Then