The Book of Revelations, created by Julia O’sullivan. It stands 2 meters high and when fully open it is over 3 meters wide.

I do love setting myself a task to try and create the best representation of each subject I undertake. This piece encompasses the whole story of the Book of Revelations. My religious standing is undecided but I live my life by being good to others, I think it may come one day but who knows. In the mean time I do like to stretch my mind when it comes to trying to understand or make sense of certain subjects and the Book of Revelations has always fascinated me.

I delved into every aspect of this book and tried to find the best way of painting each piece. The angels were a challenge as I tried to put forward a far more formidable creature than is usually regarded as one. As I researched them I found out they are 18 feet tall with 6 wings, and because they are creatures of power I needed the painting to reflect this.

The main painting starts the story and ends at the top with the seventh seal opened with the angels bringing destruction on the earth. The other six seals sit above the gates. The horsemen are behind four of them, the souls of the Martyrs is the fifth and the sixth one is when the sun blackens and the moon turns to blood.

The metal gates in the front of the piece represent the walls of ‘Heaven’ and are guarded by the 12 angels. They are hand beaten out of aluminium and painted to represent the pearly gates. The Tree of Life sits behind these gates as this is the final part of the book.

It was in no means an easy task depicting this great book, at times I think it even sent me a little mad. I will be written the book on this piece to go along side the other books I have written on my work.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work, I own everything I make and to date have not sold a thing. I just feel happy making these great sculptures.

More info:

The piece open

The piece closed

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end

Babylon being devoured by the beast

The False Prophet

The Beast and angel

John dead and here he enters the dream

The Angel and the book

The Seven Churches

The Lamb on the throne,

The Horseman of Conquest and its seal

The Horseman of War and its seal

The Horseman of Famine and its seal

The Horseman of Death and its seal

The Souls of the Martyrs and its seal

The Tree of Life

The Sixth seal, the Blackened Sun and Blood moon