Tbilisi, Georgia. 2018. Metro.

We all have noticed the faces in the Metro, there is nothing else to stare at. our faces are the only entertainment for the strangers. We are all alone, We all are lonely, We all are sad in the underground. there is nothing to do, nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, you just have to sit and wait, till this trip of shame will go to an end. eventually it does go to an end, but it keeps repeating every day, twice or more. It does not matter who you are, We are all the objects of judgement in the subway, as I already mentioned above there is nothing else to do. Thus, We are all invisible. nobody cares.

Every person is sad in the Metro. There can be many reasons, but I think the reason is that they have ambivalent feeling. they want to be noticeable and invisible at the same time.

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