One day we asked ourselves, what if we begin to create products instead of just selling them, from the design to the production, products that can open a conversation about the things we care about. That’s why we developed O-uniques, a platform where we feature and sell limited edition products that create dialogues and debates that are significant to our world.

The Trump Candle is our first product, represents the hope that millions of people share here and around the world: that our president melts away soon.

As you can see it’s a candle with the shape of our president’s bust with a text saying “it’s just a matter of time”. A way of showing our point of view of the current political situation with an unexpected and ironical twist.

We hope you like the candle. and if you guys could somehow feature the candle in Bored Panda, it would mean the world to us. Just so you know, we are donating 30% of our profits to causes he has attacked, like LGBT community, climate change, women and Immigrant’s rights. 

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The trump Candle 1

The trump Candle 2

The trump Candle 3

The trump Candle 4

The trump Candle 5

The trump Candle 6

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