The Road ahead is always a road into the darkness. What is there, behind that spot of light, in which you stand at this moment and fearfully gaze into the shadows? Monsters or flowers? Happiness or pain? To find out, you just have to step into the darkness, with your eyes and your heart open. Man and the unknown. Man and his relationship with the world, or rather, his confrontation with it.

Existentialism is the philosophy of the relationship of man to the world, Where intuition is the main method of comprehending reality, the transition from light to darkness, to uncertainty, towards yourself, your fears and your joy. My project reflects the person’s attitude to the unknown, fear and awe before the first step into the darkness. The world treats man as a small, but very organic part of himself, a man refers to the world as an endless road to the unknown. This way they coexist in harmony, like light and darkness.

Text By: Anna Deer, photos by Me.

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