These chicken breeds are really interesting, OMG

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Onagadori, the Japanese species, can live up to twenty years and their tails can extend up to 14 meters in this period.

Ayam Jemani, an Indonesian chicken breed, appears black because it contains too much pigment.

The Golden Spotted Wyandotte chicken originated in the United States and is a famous breed of chicken due to its high meat and egg yield.

Transylvania Naked Boyned chicken is a mixture of turkey and chicken.

The golden Polish hen can be easily recognized from the hair on his head.

Serama species are also known as ornamental chickens.

Chinese origin Silkie Bantam is known to have five claws.

Belgian Bearded Chicken MindSnds is an interesting chicken with beards as it is obvious.

Favorelle type

Sebright is a kind of chicken that is hard to produce as it all looks amazing.