Firstly I have to say that Infinity War is AMAZING! And I was late posting this project because I spent few day in cinema, I’m a big fan of Iron-man (ahhhhhhh)

I have designed and cut the arts in about month or so, not too long because of time. This is also my second project in papercut, I wish I could had more time to design all the characters in Avengers 3, hope in next time for the A4 (;

If you are a fan of Marvel, you can see that character’s suite were old, yes, all were based on the older movies, also their haircut and styles (They were looking so beautiful in IW!)

And, yes, yes yes. It was so funny that I haven’t realized that Deadpool wasn’t there (; Only when I started watching the movie and couldn’t find Deadpool in the poster (How silly me). However, next few weeks Deadpool will be back, so he deserved a space here (Hello Deadpool)

Last, hope you enjoy the movie and my artwork!


Dr. Strange


Iron Man


Captain America

Spider Man

Black Panther


Making of

My Idol Iron man