All of us have faced it. The slight weight gain due to a sedentary job, the back ache from sitting too long on office chairs, the inevitable post-lunch shut-eye when you’re sitting on your cushioned recliner – sitting down for too long is bad for our health. Period. French designer Benoit Malta believes he has the answer – Inactivité.

It’s a two-legged chair that induces a charmingly alarming “bearable discomfort” in the user. In order to maintain balance, the user must make slight physical movements thereby allowing the body to be on its toes at all times. Quite literally.

The aim of this project is to avoid as much as possible stationary postures and promote mobility,” writes the designer. ” My will is to introduce a ‘bearable discomfort’ for our well-being. I decided to work on different typical situations at home in which it would be interesting to insert physical activity. The aim of the project, beyond the idea of promoting mobility, is to raise awareness of people about their bodies.

What’s the complete opposite of plonking down on a plush beanbag, you ask? This chair.

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The two-legged chair

No way is she falling asleep!

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