I went to Scotland to clear my head. During the last year a lot had happened – both good and bad. Feelings demand to be felt, and I didn’t have any time for that until I landed in the middle of the Scottish highlands. I was overwhelmed by the wilderness and the rawness. We were traveling around and on a very cloudy and misty day I unexpectedly met three white ghosts.

Seeing them reminded me that as an artist I have to believe in my feelings and should never be afraid of express them through my work. So I spend 10 minutes with the camera at the meadow of these horses and let the rain wash away my thoughts. Not much time, but it was already after sunset and the clouds went darker every minute, such as the rain soon became snow.

I wasn’t sure what I was feeling while I took the photos of these horses. All I knew was, that I tried to put the chaos of my mind into it. And then I saw the results. I saw all the pain, the struggle, the heartache of the last year, but I also saw the happiness and triumphs I experienced. I saw the mountains I had to climb on my own and I saw how important it is to appreciate the ones having your back. No matter how cold the weather is or how much it rains, as long as you’re with the right people, your heart will stay warm.

It were three white little highland ponies, on a cloudy, dark and rainy day. For me, it were the ghosts of the past and future. And while the cold rain put my body into shivering, my heart never felt warmer.

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