In LA, we had an assignment that we had to make up a children’s story based off of a holocaust survivor. This is deticated to no other the Manya Auster Feldman . I made it into a story about a little Native American girl trying to protect her tribe with the help of her grandfathers headress.

In a Native tribe, five days north of california, there was a little girl named Manya. Her village was very large with many family members and with many friends.
Manya and all the other little children in her tribe were taught there culter no other than Manyas grandfather himself, the head chief. Stories of their culture and dances of their ancestors. Manya was very happy child and happy with her family and nothing would change that.
But one day, a young boy from a village south of Manyas tribe, came to her grandfather with terrible news. ” My tribe has been wiped out by a sleeping fog and it is coming straight to your village!”
Everyone was so scared, especially Manyas family. The chief stood tall, and said,
“Do not fear my people,we will find a way to get rid of this fog. There is a tale of our ancestors that says, the way to get rid of trouble is to bring back the sun. Who here is brave enough to bring back the sun? ”
No one had answered, except… ” I will papa.” yelled Manya. All the little Native American girls and boys had laughed at Manya .
The chief had kneeled down ,put Manya. In his arms and said “Manya my little grasshopper, this is a very dangerous journey , are you willing to commit to this? ”
It was silent, then with eyes lit up with courage Manya said “whatever It will take to protect my clan.”
With a grin on his face, the chief had stood up,took off his headdress and set it on Manyas petit head.
“This will protect you my little grasshopper, and remind you of why you’re going on this journey.”
” I won’t let you down grandfather” said Manya.
Manya had walked out of her village and straight up the mountain. Her grandfather’s headdress had many feathers, 150 to the most. She had little supplies with her, but she had a lot of courage.
She walked north on an astray path, she noticed that there was a slight fog was coming straight toward Manya.
The pathway had a dense forest around it, so she bolted to the trees. As she ran through the pine, she had lost two feathers, but it was too late to go back. She had slowed down, she realized that more feathers were coming off, but there wasn’t much she could have done.
Coming up the hillside, she saw dense smoke.
” Oh no, it’s the fog.” Manya panicked , as she was about to go back, she heard voices, it was another tribe! She went into the tribe and spoke to the chief about the fog. He had already known about the fog, but he believed that he was prepared for the fog. She had stayed at their tribe for a little while to rest. They had given her food and told many stories. As she ate a piece of smoked salmon, she seen that everyone was asleep, the fog was here! Frantically, Manya ran up the the mountain. As she came up the mountain, she had only two feathers left. She looked up were the sun was, then looked back down at the village,
“This is almost over, Manya whispered to herself. ” so she climbed more. When she got to the top of the mountain, there it was, the sun. She the thought to herself “How will I bring the sun down to my village, I am just a girl.” Then she began to weep.
She pulled of her grandfather’s headdress, there was only one feather, She held it up to the sun. The feather began to glow, and shined a bright light down on the villages. The fog was gone, and everyone was safe even though it won’t be the same, there will be a better future.- Dedicated to Manya Auster Feldman .