I’m one of the few women who photographed blast furnace in one of the biggest iron works in Europe!

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As a child I was already interested in steelworks and everything associated with them. My father brought home a VHS tape with recordings of the work in the steelworks.

I found the sight of the blast furnace amazing. Almost hypnotic.Over the years, my fascination with steelworks grew. When I became a photographer I knew I had to visit one of the largest steel mills in Europe – Huta Katowice – and photograph the blast furnace.

I was extremely lucky – taking pictures in such a big and still active institution is nearly impossible – especially approaching an operating furnace with the camera. You have to keep all the security measures and don’t have much time to take pictures.

Getting the permission takes a lot of time and effort, but is immensely rewarding!

Blast Furnace / Huta Katowice/ Poland

One of the most beautifull view in my life!

Blast Furnace / Huta Katowice/ Poland

Blast Furnace / Huta Katowice/ Poland