Do you ride bike in the city? Chances are, if you’re a city cyclist you have your own story about getting hit by a car. Usually because they just didn’t see you.

Riding bike has been the primary way I get around the city for more than a decade now. And I’ve been hit. More than once. It’s a problem.

I am a local artist, and I’m designing and making reflective decals to help cyclists be more visible. And hopefully a little safer!

I’m using engineer grade, reflective material because it’s durable and waterproof. With bike season just a few weeks away, my KickStarter is short and sweet.

So if you, or someone you know rides bike and loves stickers… Please check out my project! It may be something for you!

More info:

My Commuter Bike In Full Reflective Glory

A Close Up Of The Silver Toned Reflective Material [In Regular Light]

My Commuter Bike With Silver Tone And Black Tone, Reflective Details

My Skull & Cross Bones Reflective Decal And Reflective Sticker