I've been fortunate enough to be selected as one of six international artists to attend the prestigious Art Factory Artist Residency in Budapest. It runs for 6 months, starting this May. I'll also be the first South African artist to attend. Ever. Pretty cool, right?

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Unfortunately the reality of a struggling artist is real and it may mean that I miss out on this immense growing and learning opportunity, unless I can secure funding.

I was super impressed with the funding proposal that I set up and sent out to hundreds of wine farms, banks, insurance companies, other corporates and every single art funding and support program in South Africa. Only to receive a NO from each and every one.

So I turned to crowd funding (Indiegogo) to raise funds. After being disappointed by my previous attempts, I wasn't exactly hopeful...but it started working! I raised 26% of my funding in the first couple of days.

How it works. If you pledge a certain amount to my cause you’ll receive an artwork in exchange to say thank you. These artworks vary in size and medium. Read more about it in detail on my Indiegogo campaign.

Now all I need is love and support from the internet to reach my goal and get to Budapest!

More info: igg.me