I want to bring a smile to 10,000 faces during the holidays, and I need your help.

There are countless seniors that will be spending the holidays alone. How can we help these seniors feel as though they are not alone? Sometimes all it takes is a simple gesture; something as simple as a handmade card can brighten someone’s day.I’m Emily Truman, a 16-year old from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and founder of the Stay Gold Society, and through my HappyMail initiative, I’m on a mission to collect 10,000 handmade holiday cards for the elderly living in long term care facilities and also seniors who are homebound.

Here are a few cards making tips/ideas:

– Be creative! Your card design can be simple or as intricate as you want. Have fun with it!

– Be yourself- write a kind, sincere and joyful holiday/Christmas message.

-Please sign the card with your first name and location (i.e. Texas, USA)

-Please leave the envelopes unsealed

Cards can be mailed to:

Stay Gold Society

P.O. Box 21015

Manning Road Post Office

Windsor, ON, Canada

N8N 4S1

More info: staygoldsociety.org

Myself, Emily Truman, with a Stay Gold Society Holiday HappyMail card drop off box

I’ve been volunteering at a local nursing home for nearly a year now, and have met so many wonderful people. People who have raised families, saved lives, taught hundreds of students -changed the world in their own right, yet now, in what are supposed to be their golden years, are left feeling isolated, lonely and forgotten. Many have little family left, or have families who live hours away and don’t visit often. The seniors who move into long-term care facilities have to leave their homes, beloved pets and close friends.

I can’t wait to deliver handmade cards to seniors in long-term care homes this holiday season!

We often forget that seniors are a vibrant, valuable part of our communities with so much knowledge that can be shared with others.
I’m here to remind seniors of that, one card at a time.
Most of us can find the time to create a card for someone who could use some kindness. It’s a simple, but powerful gesture that helps us to slow down and reflect on the true meaning of the season.

Love these handmade Christmas cards featuring Christmas trees

In this age of screens and instant communication, we often forget the power of a handwritten note. Who wouldn’t love to receive a kind, personalized card complete with original artwork and a handwritten message out of the blue? You have the power to brighten a senior’s day with just a few minutes of your time. Please consider helping me with my mission by making holiday cards that feature kind holiday messages for the elderly. Your cards will be delivered to seniors living in long-term care.

Christmas puns are the best! Buddy the Elf would be proud of this card.

I’m also looking for youth groups, schools, small businesses, and other community organizations to host card-making activities. If you have questions please email me at emily@staygoldsociety.org