Voices in the Grey is a humanitarian art project I started in March of this year while healing from a debilitating illness. I illustrate anonymously the voices of individuals who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and mental illness to help destigmatize mental illness and also to help unburden them at the same time. People often open up to me in a way they can’t to family and friends. Each illustration is an original artwork created with guache watercolor and colored pencils. My character portraying the voices is Yor, who is non-binary and of no distinguishable age or nationality.

I’ve completed 105 images so far and am looking for more Voices. My goal is 365 Voices, one for each day of the year. You can see my work on Facebook and Instagram, Voices in the Grey and on my website.

More info: voicesinthegrey.com

It sucks and it creeps

Lonely and alone


A stone life preserver

Dark thoughts

I’m so detached

Treading sand

Distant and disinterested

Sometimes I choose light and sometimes the darkness