I used to live about 30 miles from an abandoned air force base called George Air Force Base. The place is in the Mojave Desert just 7 miles outside of Victorville, California. I had always heard stories about it, but for whatever reason, I never actually went. Until now...

Well, the place was everything I had hoped for and more. The base was officially shut down in 1992. It was a crucial air force base throughout World War 2 and the Cold War. There is still an active airport on one part of the property, but all of the old housing, the hospital, and other base buildings are just sitting abandoned. A lot of the buildings are covered in a mix of some pretty amazing street art and some terrible tagging. My only companions in this forlorn place were the ravens that appear in a few of the shots.

These were all taken around one neighborhood in the base. You see, dear reader, I have to return to this base once more. I made the unfortunate mistake of... running out of the film. However, before I am ravaged for my amateur move, let me assure you that my mission is not complete. This base is massive. I will return with two rolls, no, three rolls and complete my shooting. I hope you enjoy these photos and thank you for your time.

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