I can finally tick off Iceland from my bucket list, though that does not mean I will not go back, definitely not.

Just getting back from an 8 day long trip to Iceland, I am missing it like crazy. Having been surrounded by waterfalls, horses, boiling ponds, black beaches and northern lights, I can’t help but feel that this is the perfect place for me.

Visiting some not so safe areas in this country, I learnt that the nature of Iceland is very well taken care of. Meaning, wherever you go you’ll see signs telling you not to step outside the path, don’t drive on unmarked roads, watch out for the nesting birds etc. However, when it comes to the visitors, the protection is not as top notch. You’ll find yourself walking on the edge of ponds with literally boiling water, stand on edges of waterfalls with a height of 45 meters, drive on roads with a steep on its side, and you’d probably expect at least a little fence to try to hold you back, but not on Iceland. It’s kind of a “You are responsible for yourself”-kind of attitude, which I find makes these people cool (fits their Viking-image), and as a nature photographer, their protectiveness of their nature, makes me love this place even more.

During this brief visit, I was overwhelmed by its beauty and it even pained me sometimes. Sure, I was able to take a good 8000 photos, but I was still left out on a whole lot of shots I wished I’d taken, but that’s what happens when you travel in non-photography obsessed company.

So, what this “article” is is basically me showing you why you should visit Iceland! If it’s ever been a thought of yours, I tell you – go!

More info: signefotar.com


An unexpected model can either make or break your photo. On this occasion, I feel that this blue jacked person adds some interest with the size difference.



Where Jon Snow was deflowered*

Very secluded home in the far north of Iceland

Iceland horses

Of course.


Hot air

Mývatn area.

Krafla Viti Crater



Somewhere north east





Definitely a fairytale land.


More horses