Hello Again Bored Panda Community! Just an update on how things are going in Singapore: things are looking up, and the COVID-19 cases in our country are seeing a steady decrease. Thank God! It looks like there won’t be any more extensions on our Circuit Breaker, which means that I can go back to being a not-so-bored Bored Panda from the 2nd of June. Yay!

Because it isn’t the 2nd of June yet, guess what? I’ve written and illustrated another children’s book. Whoo! I would like to thank the people who supported and commented on my previous post for my first book “I Am Not Like The Other Clouds.” It was real encouraging to hear how it was beneficial, whether in big ways or small. It certainly played a part in my decision to work on this new book “I Am Not Like The Other Cakes.” :)

I wrote this book for the same reasons as for my previous book: to inspire hope, self-acceptance, and embracing change (especially amidst COVID-19). This also goes out to all the strong individuals out there, who can be a little too much to handle sometimes. ;)

This is a book about a cake. A cake that did not fit in with the other cakes. You see, every cake is a piece of cake. Every cake except…well, this one. He’s A Whole Cake. What is it like to not be a piece of cake?

Let me clue you in. He never joins the other cakes during play time, nap time, recess, reading time, music time, …or any other time. You know what they say, there’s always room for cake. But he says, there’s always room, for only a piece of cake. But what happens when one capable cake decides to focus on what he is, rather than what he is not?

Simple yet extremely relatable to readers young, old, and somewhere in between, I Am Not Like The Other Cakes proves that positive change is possible for anyone.

Hope you enjoy reading! Feel free to check it out in the link below.