Albania, a small Balkan country, has gone a long way after being isolated for almost five decades due to its communist regime. Now, Albania is finally taking its well-deserved spot on the global map of tourist attractions.

The coastline kissed by the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea, mountainous north, beautiful places to visit and affordability are just some of the main reasons why Albania is becoming the getaway for both passive vacationers and adventure seekers. A vacation place for those who fancy nice and quiet holidays, offering a wide range of options in luxurious resorts by the sandy beaches – and a paradise for adventure seekers. Hiking trails in beautiful nature of any category that take you to waterfalls and natural springs, mountain biking, paragliding, rafting and exploring in canyons, and off-road tours are just a few of the activities that will give you adrenaline.

But words don’t do justice to the fantastic places to see in Albania. So, have a look at the beautiful pictures that reveal its magic and let the wanderlust hit you.

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Swimming during the winter at thermal springs of Permet

Caves Beach, South Albania

Llogara Pass, Vlora

Albanian Alps also known as Accursed Mountains

Cape of Rodon, Durres – a hidden gem with two isolated beaches

Valbona Valley – a paradise for hikers in any season

Hiking trail from Valbona Valley to Theth National Park

Rafting at Osumi Canyons, a must do experience

One of the dozens of waterfalls at Osumi Canyons

Waterfall showers at Theth National Park

Waterfall showers at Thethi National Park

Water-carved bath tubs of Nderlysaj, at Thethi National Park

Cliff diving in these crystal clear waters in the Ionian Sea

Relax and camp under the centuries old olive trees after swimming in the secluded beaches of Bunec

The road that takes you to Theth National Park, breathtaking views

Sunset at Cape of Rodon