I am Huang Yichuan from Hangzhou, the Paradise in China,  and I create handcraft jewelry for women for more than 7 years. Many years ago, my father gave several pieces of blue and white porcelain as a gift to me, which unveiled my handmade jewelry journey with ancient blue and white porcelain.

Blue and white porcelain is born following the Chinese traditional ceramic firing process, with thousands of years of history. Most of the ancient official kiln works are for royal family, with collectible and ornamental values. All of the blue and white porcelain in my jewelry are from Qing dynasty with 300-400 years.

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# blue and white porcelain from Qing dynasty

#1 Moonlight necklace

#2 Chinese character”吉”

#3 Chinese character”喜” necklace

#4 Chinese character”喜”earrings

#5 jade-like stud earrings

#6 square and round collection rings

#7 tassel stud earrings

#8 chinese character”吉” rings

#9 long necklace

#10 square and round brass ring

# packaging

# my studio