Never before have my school notes been so clean! Each one is simply (for the most part) legible, clean writing; entirely devoid of spunky animals, mythical forests, and my own imaginary hideouts.

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On January 1st 2016 my little brother challenged me to produce one "doodle" every day in my sketchbook for the year. He figured some fun things would appear on paper if I took my doodle urges out on just one page. Admittedly most of these became more than doodles... but university classes are long... a simple doodle wouldn't be enough to keep me sane.

I hope you enjoy these drawings and that they perhaps inspire you to doodle a bit more and make your own vivid imaginations your friends.

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#2 Cup Of Cute

Cup Of Cute


1 year ago

Thanks Selina Forever!

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#20 Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

Everybody Wants To Be A Cat


Silent Skeleton 1 year ago

aristocats! :o3

#23 Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Dream A Little Dream Of Me


Logan Warner 1 year ago

ironically listening to that song at the moment. So many incredible pieces, so jealous