The majority of us live or work in a city. Along with all the convenience and opportunities, there is also the stress and all the things we have to give up in order to pursue our dreams and ambitions.

There are a lot of stressful and frustrating moments in my fast paced life, therefore, I started to express them using photography and miniature figures. I put them all in my photography book “Work, Figurately Speaking”, which I recently published.

This year, I have been paying attention to the feelings we all share in the urban life: the long commute, the small apartment and crazy rent, confined in a small working space, at the crossroad of our carrer, etc. I use common objects that you can find in the office. I focus on turning negative thoughts to visually inspiring and uplifting message. 

I hope that my viewers will be able to relate and find inspiration and motivation in the imaginary world which I created.

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We’ve been locked in the concrete jungle for so long that we long for some quality time in nature

We work day and night, just to afford our own little corner in the city

It’s that time of year, when going to work and going home both happen under cover of darkness

The transition of seasons reminds us that there are only a few days left before the end of year

Our reward after a long, hectic day is to unwind at a local corner bar

Our commute to get home feels like an eternity after a long, draining day of work

Our career path. Living up to our full potential. Possible new adventures. These thoughts about our future often keep us up at night

2+ years in Seattle, the city finally thawed its freeze and started to feel familiar