Benin a country that most people wouldt find on the map.
But its a intresting country,

Your first sight of voodoo in Benin is when you walk around the towns and citys in the morning and you come across dead sacrifice chickens everywhere. But thats only what you will see in public.
When you visit the voodoo market you really see, the variety of things they still use for their religion. Its not a nice sight, and its not for everyone. They got everything you can imagined from animals. Gorilla hands, Hippo head, crocodile head, dried elephant trunks etc. They they literally got everything you can imagen from animals.

This photos Im sharing here is less then 5% of the public market in Cotonou.

Alot of people here will not like this at all, and i dont like it myself. BUT i feel this is a thing people should know, that ALOT of innocent animals gets killed all the time for religion!!! Thats so wrong.

More info:

dried Hippo head

monkey hands.