My art has always focused on the condition of our globe and the condition of man. I use photography and collage to create surreal images that are thematically focused on identity, dreams, new technologies, bio-science, the unconscious, morals, social situations, behaviours, habits, rituals, biological changes, depression in urban environments- which have significant impact on human life. To observe. To document. As a result, I create the image of the 21 century and the image of our current society filled with allusions, metaphors, allegories. By using various symbols and depth of meaning intentionally, I want my art to be interpreted on many levels. Therefore you can also notice that there are many smaller images in one image I finish. This subtle meanings tell you – you can open as many doors as you want and interpret my collages day after day in different way. Possibilities are endless.


More info:

Queen Of The Forest ©2016

Argonauts ©2016

The Last Stop ©2017

Painter ©2015

The Last Drop Of Water ©2013

Journey To The End Of The Night ©2016

Paradise Lost ©2015

Thin Ice ©2015

Ship Of Fools ©2014

Shepherd ©2013

The Last Boat To Paradise ©2016

The Last Pandas ©2014

The Last Rhino ©2016