My dreams started five years ago after hearing something shoking on the news. Since then, every night I go to sleep I ‘wake up on the other side’ and I travel, I interact with people and I even take photos. I have dreamed things that don’t exist in real life and my goal is to create a whole series inspired by my dreams, named ‘Follow your dreams’.

Since most dreams are all almost the same for at least 10 times, but with minor changes, I have also focused on empathizing with people who go through hard times, through my photos. I portray confusion, depression, desperation, melancholia, madness, to show people who believe that there is no hope left, that they are not the only ones that go through such feelings and that there is always hope and a better ‘tomorrow’.

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Taking over you

Into the void

The bridge that I have dreamed for over a year and that was always broken when I wanted to pass it.

Learn to fly

The dream is real

Can’t breath

White walls – my insanity


The path


The edge of the world

Another photo part of my ‘Follow your dreams’ series. I have dreamed many times that I was in my grandparents’ garden and that there was water everywhere and I always had the feeling that it was the end of an era, the edge of the world.