In 2012 I went to a museum exhibition called “Carteles Europeos 1888-1938” (European posters) from the Picasso Museum in Malaga where I had the chance to know this fabulous portraits of an era where publicity was deeply in touch with high art (even some famous painters like Touluse Lautrec or Alphonse Mucha were publicists).

As a multimedia artist I can see how, nowadays, art and publicity are still to tight by the bond of design. A bond that has tighten them since the early XX century.

Gif images and short animations/motion graphics are the best choice for someone who wants to share an idea (or sell a product) in times where Internet is the biggest source of information.

That’s why, by giving this images a new aesthetic meaning, this animations are a second life for long forgotten products and lifestyles.

This animated gifs are the product of that exploration, hope you enjoy!

More info:

Aladár Richter Jr. – Budapesti Gázkoksz

Aldo Mazza – Corse a S. Sirio

Cassandre – Ernst

Endre Vándor – Tungsram

Imre Lányi – Pesti Napló

Otto Baumberger – Motor Comptoir

Róbert Berény – Modiano

Sándor Bortnyik – Újság