My mind has always been quite an active and an imaginative one and just like any kid I spent most of my time in there. But it’s not so bright these days.

I’m not going to tell you my story of how I got here, that I leave to my art.

I believe my art touches surrealism, and is mostly me trying to capture a specific moment. I sometimes like to incorporate a bit of poetry into them whenever i feel like it (but it sucks, trust me). I also try out fan art or character concepts when i get the chance.

The reason I’m posting my work here is to simply get it out there. I want them to bring a sense of peace or relief to someone out there, just like it does to me.

(P.S. sorry for the bad quality. I work with what I have and what I have is not that great. If you love my art and want to support me, you can become a patron and support me there, or you can follow me on Facebook or become a watcher on Deviantart.)

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My first official artwork. I have no idea what it means, but it felt like the right thing to draw, I guess.


This piece was part surrealistic and part character design.
The character was inspired from the race of giants called Hekatonkheires, from the greek mythology. Their name literally means, “The-Hundred-Handed-ones”.

Ocean of Snakes

I drown strangled and voiceless,
by ropes of hope and pain.
Now my voice echoes in silence,
lifeless across the murky plain.

I fear the ocean of snakes,
where i fear my soul shall remain.

Dark Skies

A world lost under the rubble.
A world starving of light and sun.
A time where men are longer human,
An age of hope come undone.

A Glassy Sky

I can feel the chaos linger,
a little over my head.
And the stomach of my eyes,
is filled with the words I’ve read.

I try to reach out to the glassy sky,
And bid my sanity a last goodbye.

The Mind In My Mind, The Eye In My Soul

“I see a world of lies and shadows,
and lay shackled by my hopes and dreams.
The silent whispers grow ever louder,
as I realize, nothing is as it seems.

The mind in my mind and the eye in my soul,
slowly awake to swallow me whole…”

The Many Faces of Death

The air weighs heavy,
my lungs heave a labored breath.
my words escape lifeless,
filled with longing and regret.

i no longer feel the drum in my chest
as i stare up at the many faces of death.