A guy with a camera in China is something (even a small one as Sony A7), always draws attention of anyone in China so if you’re after street photography and understand the beauty of candid shots you gotta be really creative ’cause the situation may get even ugly and violent (happened to me a couple of times in China) so it’s an interesting and challenging work. Oh btw forget all about my photography gear for have I mentioned a thousand eyes on you just because you’re a foreigner?

Anywho, I took these pictures in June, 2016, with Sony A7 and Sony FE 55/1.8 CA lens. I bought this gear in 2014 and have been using it since for I prefer to work with one lens.

With no further ado here are the street pics, I hope you’ll like them.

P.S. Of course I did landscapes in Tibet but this will be for another post.

More info: vladsm.com

Stray dog at the monastery. There are plenty of them everywhere in Tibet.

I took this picture at the monastery.

Praying. You see a lot of scenes like this at the temples and monasteries.

Women working on the new floor at the temple.

Today’s selfie trend is everywhere – makes me smile how farcical that is (imho).

Very typical animal abuse in Tibet by locals: a westerner on a yak at the tourist spot for taking pictures with. I have never understood the joy or fun behind it.

At the monastery.

I remember I was in our bus somewhere really high (like 5000 m or so), the doors were open, and it was one of those tourists spots where you stop for taking pics, walks, etc., and this guy just approached our bus for whatever, he was walking around, mumbling something and since I had my camera with me I pretended as I was looking at my pics on a tilted LCD but of course I wanted to take a picture of him for he looked like a real Tibetan and I did it before the members of our group returned and this Tibetan just disappeared. I just got lucky with this one cause just his look tells millions words. Very concentrated, with lots of thoughts, I’d say, also his hair, earrings, hat… Very good.

Vegetables seller on the street of Lhasa.