I took these pictures mostly on my analogue Canon AE-1 during a one-year long journey around India. I was always more curious about the life of real people rather than sights and tourist attractions.

Therefore here it is – India and its people the way I saw them – simple and complex, rough and glamorous.

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Kid hangs from the train in Bombay

Sikh man near the Golden Temple in Amritsar

Dharavi slum dweller in Bombay

Woman in a red sari in Jaipur

Crowded street and bicycle rickshaws in Delhi

Rajasthani men walk past a herd of cows in Pushkar

Sadhus at a festival in Nasik

Sadhu at a festival in Nasik

Commuters in Kolkata

Train passenger in Kolkata

People near the Gate of India in Bombay

Women observe a procession in Nasik

Sadhu plays a trumpet in Trambakeshwar

A group of cleaners in Nasik

Carpenter in Jaipur

People pray near the Golden Temple in Amritsar

People bath near the Golden Temple in Amritsar

Woman carries a bundle in Pushkar

Rajasthani men in Pushkar

Dharavi slum dwellers in Bombay

Holly man in Nasik

Kids walk in the rain in Trambakeshwar