I came across some animals while i traveld around the world. I saw alot more animals but my camera got stolen in africa.
From lion to pands to white sharks

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Wild Lion

Wild lion in Addo National Park. South Afrika

Red Panda

A red panda in Sikkim, India

A kea parrot

A kea parrot in Milford Sound, New Zealand

Red fox

This red fox came up to my tent while wildcamping in Norway

Snow monkey

Snow moneky, in the hotsporings outside Nagano. Japan


a Giant panda in the Panda park in Chengdu China

Raja,, the diving elephant

Raja the last of the diving elephants on Andaman Islands.India

a great white shark

a great white shark that came up close to the boat while fishing in South Africa


A leopard in Sri Lanka


a wild orangutang in Bukit Lawang. Indoensia

Sika deer

a Sika deer in Japan

Philippine tarsier

a Philippine tarsier, the smallest monkey in the world in Bohol. PhilippineS

one-horned rhinoceros

one-horned rhinoceros in Kazriranga National Park in norrth east India