I’ve been a hardcore Coldplayer since as long as I can remember. Whether it’s Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head or Ghost Stories, each and every album speaks to me on this artistic, spiritual level that goes beyond regular music listening and transcends into inspiration.

As my tribute to one of the greatest rock bands, ever, i began the #DoodlingColdlayProject on Instagram. Coldplay is Love and I wanted to project this onto paper with a seamless collaboration between music and art.

I turn my favourite Coldplay Songs into eye-popping illustrations, each denoting the feel of the song in my own unique style. As a part of the ongoing series I’ve already doodled about 11 songs which include The Scientist, Fix You, Yellow, Clocks, Us Against The World, Parachutes, Paradise, Violet Hill, Always In My Head, Trouble and True Love.

All of these are mixed media hand-drawn doodles, made using ink, watercolours, sketch pens, markers. They’re then scanned and rendered digitally with some basic colour correction.

I hope this little labour of love reaches the band soon. =)

More info: Instagram

The Scientist from ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head’

Fix You from ‘X&Y’

Clocks from ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head’

Paradise from ‘Mylo Xyloto’

Us Against The World from ‘Mylo Xyloto’

Always in my head from ‘Ghost Stories’

Parachutes from ‘Parachutes’

Violet Hill from ‘Viva La Vida’

True Love from ‘Ghost Stories’