For the past few years I’ve enjoyed taking photos of my two cats at home. They were all I knew about cats besides those sweet photos of happy kitties that you can see almost anywhere in the web.

But one day as I was walking in a park I noticed a few cats walking around. They immediately felt I was following them and they went to hide in an abandoned building nearby. I went back the day after that and I found out that those cats where taken care of by a group of volunteers who daily provided them with food and fresh water. They had made shelters for those cats in some abandoned buildings so they could have a warm and dry place to go to in cold winter days.

I started to go back there very often and I became familiar with the world of colonies and stray cats. For almost two years I’ve been taking photos of these cats. I immediately decided they had to be in black and white because I wanted my work to be a documentary shooting to raise awareness on abandoned cats. You will find no romantic pictures in this reportage. You will find no cute kitties playing with colorful toys. But you will see real cats living their life in the real world.

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Rainy days are not so bad after all, you can find fresh water everywhere

I don’t know you, human, so I’m watching you

‘Who are you human? What do you want from me?’

Most stray cats are shy and keep at a distance

I was struck by the elegance of this black cat in the middle of these ruins

This is just a good a place to nap as any as long as there’s the sun keeping me warm

Oh-oh… I think I spotted a cat

This is my favorite bench, human, you can take a portrait of me sitting here