My process of photography varies from digital to film. But one of my favorite ways of taking photographs is on paper.

I have been shooting large format for several years, but just recently began shooting photos on darkroom print paper and I love it! This medium of photography offers a look that is hard to achieve any other way. The images have lots of depth and contrast yet retain a full spectrum of grey tones.

I find that this process creates its own ingredients of mood and depth to add to my images.

More info:

The Camera

5×7 Eastman View Camera NO. 33A, made in the turn of the century.
Taylor Taylor & Hobson Lens, patented in 1895.

The Ground Glass

This uses a Packard Shutter and is controlled by an air bulb. Related to the bulb function on modern cameras. How fast you squeeze the bulb is how fast you operate the shutter.

The Paper Photograph

Images are made on fiber based silver gelatin photo negative paper. I hand cut the paper to fit into the film holders.

Once the image is made, I take the film holder to my darkroom and develop the photograph the same way I make prints from film. This gives me a negative on paper which I scan and invert in Photoshop.

Cooling Off

Cooling off 3

White Bear 2

Untitled (1004181)