I am in an AP Illustration class for seniors and for the AP Portfolio I have to create a series of paintings that are all connected with one theme. My concentration theme is social commentary. Through my concentration I focus on addressing any stigma, stereotype, or any controversial topic in my artwork. I do this to reveal truths about certain things in our current society that aren’t necessarily revealed, but should be revealed. I chose this as my concentration, because my goal with my artwork is to make people think differently about a certain topic when they look at my pieces. Often times, we are stuck in our own perspectives towards things. And because of this, we aren’t able to fully and truly understand the struggles and/ or the views of those around us to be more understanding and compassionate towards each other. In making people think differently it will allow them to have either a better or different understanding about certain things in our society.

Story of Self Love

I am Beautiful

Three Colored Empowerment

Don’t Tell Me To Smile

Barbie Ideals

Women Power

The End Came Too Soon

This Is Not A Trend