I did not have any interior design experience before I tackled this home studio renovation. I recently moved to California to pursue my dream of being a full time artist in Los Angeles. My hope was to move both my creative workspace and my home into the same unit to save on rent and avoid Los Angeles traffic.

I found an affordable one-bedroom apartment in North Hollywood. The unit fit all of my living and studio requirements, but there was one problem. The apartment was uninspiring. I wanted to create a work/live space that fosters creativity yet cozy enough to relax at the end of the day.

The pictures and video below will help walk you through my creative process. I spent less than $300 on my home renovations with minimal tools.


-Paint brushes

-Power Drill


I used Home Depot, Craigslist and some street salvaging for this project.

More info: cold-studio.com

Before- Living Room

Before- Kitchen

Before- Mural

Wood planks for work table- $4 each

Mural painted with free paint- $0

Found desk chairs and coffee table- $0

Two mini fridges and wood table top- $100

Apartment paintings- $0

Found wood pallet bed frame- $0

Craigslist sofa-$60

Cinder block desk legs- $0

Transformation Video