I was up late one night, about to draw something for a friend when I had a strange idea…

My art style isn’t realistic. I like drawing animals/ furries, and I’m okay with that. Recently though, my friends got me back into drawing humans again, and I’m REALLY proud of my progress!! Anywho, here’s the story.

I had been on deviantArt earlier that day, and I had seen a drawing made with a low opacity brush. I know a lot of people use Paint Tool SAI or Fire Alpaca, but I can’t use or even access those due to the restrictions on my school Chromebook. I use Kleki, a free drawing website, and my touchscreen Chromebook to create my uh… works.

Anywho, I decided anyways to give it a try. I was about to draw something for a friend as an inside joke since I thought it’d be funny to see what they thought. I went in with a dark blue and my brush at 30% opacity and was proud of the line art, so I continued to shade the drawing. Three low-opacity shading layers later, I felt pretty good with the drawing.

Initially, I was afraid to color it, fearful that it would ruin the drawing, but alas! The colors really enhanced the shading. My friends were in awe, confused as to where this art had even come from. I continued to test out this style and refined it for its messy shading and shiny lighting.

I am very proud of every drawing here!!

More info: scratch.mit.edu

Alice loves Cheese Balls

I drew this one for a friend as an inside joke. One of their friends had said something about them loving cheese balls, and so it kind of stuck. This illustration was the first one I drew, and it took me about a day to complete.

Alice and Tentacle Lust

This illustration is the second experimental brush thing I drew, and I’m incredibly proud of it. My friend is afraid of Tentacle Lust. Probably because it’s a skeleton with six eyes and giant, slimy, pink tentacles. It took about 5-6 hours to complete. I think I rushed a little, but it still looks wonderous.

Sad (I never finished this one :/)

I was drawing this as an example for a friend, but Kleki refreshed, and it did not save. Luckily though, I managed to get this screenshot before it did.
This stage took about 20 minutes, maybe. The coloring takes longer than the line-art and initial shading.

“Tick, tock, tick, tock.”

These were the words he said to me.
I was roleplaying with a friend of mine and got inspired to make this weird drawing. It’s not the same style as some of the others, but it’s really shiny, so I thought I’d put it here.
This one took an hour at most.


I drew this one pretty recently. Last night, actually. (Jan 3) I was feeling emotionally tired, and so I drew this to vent my exhaustion.
This one took about an hour, but I think that’s only because I was lazy.